Eureka Skydeck 88, Melbourne, Australia

Serendipity is a 6 meter-long, multi-user interactive installation incorporating short stories about the many faces of multicultural Melbourne. At any one time, 60 stories are displayed along the surface of the table, from pre-contact Aboriginal representations of the land through to present day events. The work explores mythological, historical and contemporary aspects of Melbourne, with each story providing a brief insight into the wealth of the city’s social, cultural, religious and political history.

The moving stream of stories materializes along sections of the table that, once touched, form an information window that contains text, images, film and animation. Once the window is open, viewers are able to scroll through the stories and images. The nature of the interaction is serendipitous, allowing viewers to make discoveries of knowledge by chance rather than following any sequential story order or narrative.

Serendipity utilises the latest cutting-edge software for interactive 3D graphics, combined with a unique camera-based gesture recognition system that makes the entire tabletop touch-sensitive. The 3D graphics are projected onto the table using two1080p high definition projectors, providing a large, seamless and continuous image. Sound is produced in real-time through a multi-channel soundscape that envelopes the installation.

The Serendipity software environment is fully customizable. Alternative stories, images and movies can be easily added or replaced. This makes the installation ideal for clients who wish incorporate their own content for specific functions and corporate events.

Serendipity is an award winning installation designed by Jonathan Duckworth, in collaboration with graphics programmer Raymond Lam, Sound Environment, Look Ear, Emery Design, Maddison Architects, and in consultation with indigenous artist Genevieve Grieves.


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