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Interlayer is a research and feasibility study to investigate the potential aesthetic application of Liquid Crystal film to develop a body of three dimensional interactive art works. This project explores abstraction and aesthetics using Liquid Crystal technology as a material to reveal the phenomenological nature of light, colour, and space.

The liquid crystal film is a proprietary Liquid Crystal Polymer Matrix held between two layers of electrically conductive plastic film. An electrical charge can be applied to the film which causes the liquid crystal to transform visually from opaque to clear instantly or in a graded way over time. The modifiable appearance of solidity, translucency, opacity, and reflectivity of the material becomes apparent as a three dimensional event that captures and diffuses light.

The phenomenological nature and transformational properties of the material brings to the fore unprecedented scope to modify our spatial experiences. Embedded in glass, plastic or used by itself, the material is physically flexible and can be cut to any shape or size. The first installation prototype due for completion in 2008 will incorporate experimental construction techniques, modes of computer control, design and interactivity using liquid crystal film.

This project is supported by:

Arts Victoria

iGlass Pty Ltd

State Automation Pty Ltd

Nanotechnology Victoria

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