ZedBuffer Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based new media design and arts practice of founding director Jonathan Duckworth. The practice specialises in research, experimentation and delivery of real-time interactive screen applications, 2D and 3D content visualisation, and multi-user interaction design for public digital media installations and displays, including large scale multi-screen virtual environments and multi-touch displays.

The creative work is informed by a broad range of current research in 3D graphics technology, interaction design, physical computing, interactive architecture and new electronic materials that bring to the fore unprecedented scope to modify spatial experiences in engaging and innovative ways.

With over ten years working in the new media arts, culture and research sector, ZedBuffer and its industry associates provide an interdisciplinary design approach that involves all aspects of a project from initial idea through to design, production, execution and support to deliver cutting edge interactive media solutions.

CONTACT:.PH: +61 3 9029 7844 .......A: GPO BOX 2353 MELBOURNE VICTORIA AUSTRALIA 3001....... E: info@zedbuffer.com.au
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