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Wii Leaf is an interactive installation that enables participants to explore embodied notions of touch, body movement, and playful experience. An audio guide invites participants to engage with a single leaf delicately suspended at head height above a concealed WiiFit balance board they stand upon. Spatial sounds play in response to the participant’s movement as they shift their body posture in relationship to the leaf.

Wii Leaf is one of the outcomes developed during the Thinking Through the Body art lab led by George Khut and Lizzie Muller, with Jonathan Duckworth, Somaya Langley, Lian Loke, Garth Paine, Maggie Slattery and Catherine Truman. Thinking Through the Body brought together an interdisciplinary collective from visual art, design, sound, performance, and somatic body work to explore the use and potential of human physical experiences in interactive arts practice.

Jonathan Duckworth – Photography and interaction design concept
John Drummond – Original sound design and custom programming
Maggie Slattery and Catherine Truman – Audio guide, spoken word, and development of user interaction.
George Khut – Exhibition, sound design and video editing
Lizzie Muller – Exhibition, transcription of workshop audio recording and participant interviews.
Alejandra Mery Keitel – Videography

The project has been supported through the Australia Council, Inter-Arts Office’s ‘ArtLab 2008′ initiative, and generously supported by Campbelltown Arts Centre, The Bundandnon Trust, and Performance Space.

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Wii LEAF (2009)
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